Music for Jon Ronson’s TED Talk

Jon Ronson gave a fascinating talk at TED 2012 based around his book, The Psychopath Test. With TED going all what we used to call ‘multimedia’ this year, Jon wanted to include sound and visuals behind his talk so through Julian Treasure, an experienced TED hand, I made the music and sound design with Evan Grant supplying the excellent visuals.

Given the time schedule it was a rush job, it sounds a bit ‘MIDI’ in places (those damn pizzicato strings – yes I’m looking at you East West Symphonic Orchestra) but here’s a mix of the music:

Music Mix for Jon Ronson’s TED Talk

4 Responses to Music for Jon Ronson’s TED Talk

  1. Any chance this MP3 could be re-uploaded?

  2. You’re right, that link should work but it’s now broken. I’ll dig out the file and add it again.

  3. I’ve re-uploaded the music.

  4. Quite a few interesting themes there. Thank you, Paul, much appreciated.

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